The profit and cashflow scorecard

What is the Profit and Cashflow Scorecard.

We created the Profit Scorecard to give business owners a quick insight into how their business stacks up in terms of profitability.

It is designed to highlight some of the key areas where improvements could be made and also introduce a framework of how to generate more profit predictably. Complete the scorecard to see how your business scores and at the end, as a thank you, we’ll also share our profit calculator tool to will help you plan and organise your business around your specific profit goals for the next 12 months.

Why profit is the key to more money, more time and less stress

Nobody starts a business because they want to work 80+ hours a week or to be constantly stressed. They do it for freedom.

Most of the business owners we work with started their business because they’re experts in their field. They also have a huge passion for what they do. But of course, no matter how much you love what you do, you start a business because you imagine a better future for yourself and your family.

A future with more freedom, more choices and definitely less stress.

Controlling the controllable

However, from working with our clients as well as running our own businesses, the reality of business ownership is never straight forward and the journey is littered with hazards and challenges along the way.

Nobody can control everything (COVID 19 anyone???) but over and over again we see business owners frantically firefighting in their business with very little structured control of the information or numbers they need to realise their better future.

The reality is that the levers you need to pull to deliver your future are yours to control.

The answer is always profit

How much profit your business generates is the underlying key to taking control of your business and changing the course of your future. Everyone knows this at a conceptual level but how you structure and build your business around profit is much less well understood and it can be organised and structured to be hugely more consistent.

Who are Business Growth Services?

At Business Growth services we have a deep passion for business and helping the owners of those businesses succeed. We exist to help our clients vision a reality and help them take back control of their business. Founded in 2014 by Shaun Walsh, a visionary business owner, chartered accountant and former PWC consultant to help small businesses benefit from big business expertise but with the roll your sleeves up attitude needed to make change happen and deliver significant results.