Andy, IT & Digital

Andy Merry, BGS Team

As one of the senior IT and Digital Marketing experts at BGS, I am responsible for the creation of this website and its maintenance. As well as offering a broad range of content marketing, website design and digital strategy planning services, I can provide a full audit of the current promotion of your business online. This includes competitor analysis, SEO audits, a detailed study of your paid search (PPC) campaigns, and a review of your social media presence / advertising spend.

I can provide skilled technical liason with website hosting companies and other suppliers at a high level, with extensive experience of coding, programming, scripting and design using WordPress, HTML, CSS, PHP and more. I regularly use Adwords, PPC and SEO, write content, edit content, and translate ‘techy jargon’ into plain English!

I’m very comfortable communicating with stakeholders at all levels of a business or organisation. I’ve recently been working with a large logistics company operating within the healthcare industry, helping to deliver vital efficiency improvements in their digital services during a period of major transition.

In my spare time I enjoy both watching and playing sports, including tennis, football, rugby and golf. My commitment to encouraging things to develop and grow extends to spending some of my spare time in the greenhouse! In my small kitchen garden I tend to herbs, vegetables and a Merlot grape vine given to me by my sister who brought it back from her holiday in France.

Please contact me if you’d like some help with understanding the latest trends in digital marketing, or what your current suppliers / website hosts are providing to your company.