Part-time FD service

Helping you to reach your goals

Steer a Steady Course with Gordon on Board: Experience counts for a great deal in any successful business. A specialist in working with high growth clients, Gordon will:

Gordon, BGS Finance Director

  • Recommend improvements
  • Help you achieve goals and grow your business
  • Make sense of complex financial data

Planning for the future

Using the information from your company accounts and other systems, our part-time finance director (FD) service will ensure that all stakeholders have a much better understanding of the business and assist with a detailed plan for the short, medium and long term.

Moving on: gaining momentum

Is your business in need of a greater depth of analysis, or some experienced financial guidance in order to push on to the next level? Have you considered a finance-led approach to help you drive your company forward and achieve the success you deserve?

Inviting Gordon as a part-time finance director to your next board meeting will make steering your business in the right direction an achievable goal.

Simplifying the Numbers ~ In-Depth Analysis ~ Improved Profitability

Our part time Finance Director will deliver results:

Financial management and control.

Business planning and strategy.

Essential financial reporting
at your next board meeting.

Part-time FD service: helping you to reach your goals – Find Out More

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